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How To Make A Last Minute Halloween Costume

Ghost Costume

We’re a scant two days away from Halloween and you, like most of us, are probably scrambling for a costume. For people like us, Halloween is one of those holidays that you’re constantly reminded of leading up to it, but when it happens …

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Hey, Check Out My Kid’s Totally F’N Awesome Halloween Costume!

Hey, Check Out My Kid’s Totally F’N Awesome Halloween Costume!

Hey, have you seen Dustin’s Halloween costume? I mean, I’m not trying to rub it in your face or anything, but I think it’s pretty goddamn amazing. I helped him put it together. He’s a pirate. A badass pirate. He’s got …

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Let’s Make A Mess Together


Tacos & Babies Go Hand in Hand


Finish Him!!!


25 People Arrested In Costume


No one is above the law.   

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We’re All A Little Bit Darren On The Inside


25 Great Sports Moments in The Simpsons (TotalProSports)   Country Clubs At Their Finest (MadeMan)   Denny Hamlins Hot Girlfriend (AllLeftTurns)   Jake G Loves Persia (ScreenJunkies)   The MMA Minute Is Fast (Cagepotato)   T…

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Pissing Like a Race Horse…Mixed With a Guy


25 Terrible Captain Planets


Earth! Wind! Fire! Water! FAIL.  

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Best Halloween Costume Ever?


Phillies & Yankees Fans Parking Lot Brawl (TotalProSports)   Long Distance Relationships 101 (MadeMan)   The Alabama Nation (AllLeftTurns)   Richard Kelly And His Box (ScreenJunkies)   The Eye Bleach Head Explosion (IAmBored)…

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Santa Seems…Different…


Vicious Hockey Hit Fractures Skull (TotalProSports)   Choosing Your Shoes (MadeMan)   Drivers Who FAIL at real Driving (AllLeftTurns)   Survival Of The Dead Looks Badass (ScreenJunkies)   Dont Mess With Dog Fighting (Cagepotato) …

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