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12 Vintage Costumes That Need to Make a Comeback


In 2013, every costume is of labia with some kind of vaguely identifiable theme. Nurse labia, bee labia, Spongebob labia. I don’t even know if they make men’s costumes anymore. But it doesn’t matter because 2013 is a wash.

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8 Simple Two-Step Last Minute Costumes


In a bind for Halloween? Need a costume but have no time or materials to make your own? Here are some unique and simple costumes that will make you a stand out and only require two simple ingredients to put together! Man, Holy Taco, you so helpfu…

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How to Choose a Cosplay Costume


So you’ve decided to celebrate Comic Con, or maybe just Taco Tuesday, by joining the fast paced world of cosplayers, good for you! Cosplay has much to offer, not the least of which are numerous women dressed as Power Girl, which is basically ladies…

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5 Features Guaranteed to Make your Cosplay Awesome


Summer is the season of cosplay thanks to the 100 or so comic book, anime and video game conventions that are occur over the course of about 4 months. Of all those cons, Comic Con is of course the big daddy of them all, where serious cosplayers wil…

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25 People Inexplicably Dressed as Turkeys

25 People Inexplicably Dressed as Turkeys

Happy Thanksgiving y’all. Here’s man-turkey!

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What a Kid’s Halloween Costume Says About Their Parents

creepy kids

Last night was Halloween and that meant, unless you were responsible with your real estate wheelings and dealings and got a home in an apartment or in the deep woods protected by ravenous hounds, children you didn’t know showed up at your door and …

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25 Costumes of Real People

kim jong il costume

Dressing up as a vampire or Sasquatch for Halloween is one thing, but there’s actually a new layer of creepy when you dress up as another person who already exists in the world and you’re just mimicking them thanks to their own Sasquatc…

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25 of the Most Awesome Costumes Ever

awesome star wars costume

Halloween is fast approaching and that means, if you plan on hitting some parties, you should be getting your costume together. Odds are there isn’t time to make most of these, but that’s just because these costumes shame normal costum…

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25 Intentionally Offensive Halloween Costumes


We have some more costumes for you today, this time it’s the desperate plea for attention costumes (no, not the sexy ones) – offensive costumes! Yes, nothing says fun and frolic quite like making others uncomfortable.

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25 Crappy Halloween Costumes

turd costume

Picking a Halloween costume isn’t easy – you want something that will be unique and interesting and hopefully not the same costume a million other people picked. And then, of course, you want to avoid crappy costumes. Incidentally, di…

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25 Unsexy Sexy Costumes

cow girl

Every year when Halloween rolls around, a large percentage of women who otherwise seem to be able to function normally, sit down and think “this year for Halloween, I’m going to be a sexy ________ .” Invariably, they end up being…

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