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25 Celebrities With Whom You Can Go on a Cruise


Nothing beats a cruise – stuck at sea for days at a time with $20 beers, screaming kids and the ever present threat of the Kraken. But it’s all worthwhile if you shell out the bucks to cruise with your favorite celebrity! Assuming you…

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Come Aboard The Vampire Cruise Setting Sail Next June!


Are you a pasty wannabe vampire looking for some R&R? Do you enjoy washing down a meal of B- blood with a chilly daiquiri? Do you often pretend that the sun scorches your flesh every time you exit a building? If you answered yes to any of the …

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3 Suggestions For Glenn Beck Now That He Is Leaving His Fox News Show

Cruise Ship

The crazy train is finally coming to an end. Glenn Beck, the peak of the mountain of crazy that is Fox News, has just announced that he will be ending his daily program sometime in 2011. What he will be doing after he leaves is still kind of a myst…

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