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5 Great Snack Foods For Latchkey Kids


So your parents are constantly working to put a roof over your head. They work late hours and you’re the one who suffers. You’re old enough to watch yourself now, and you won’t set the house on fire. Or at least if you do, youR…

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Srsly Guyz, The Oxford English Dictionary Is Totes Cool Now!

Updated Dictionary

Hey Y’all, JSYK, the cool kidz over here at the Oxford English Dictionary are really hip and with it. When you hear “Oxford English Dictionary”, you don’t usually picture an office full of cutting edge, youth culture savvy …

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Label It Hipster. So Everyone Can Avoid It!

Hipster Label

Yelp recently added a “hipster” label under it’s atmosphere options. Good call, Yelp. Now those who wish to can avoid such establishments when they don’t feel like being judged, and those who like jeggings and Sally Jesse Ra…

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