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The EZ Baby Saver: The Stupidest Weapon Against Leaving Kids In Hot Cars Ever


How “colorful rubber” is supposed to equal “oh shit, that babbling ur-human I sired is getting toasty” is beyond me, and nobody can offer a decent answer. This is probably because they’re too busy fawning over this supp…

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5 Ways Game of Thrones Could Actually Surprise Us Going Forward


Game of Thrones has been doing the brutal death deal for four seasons now. How long can it possibly go on before people get the point and move on to something else? If HBO wants this show to actually make it to the end of the novels (whenever the fu…

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Game of Thrones and the Most Shocking TV Deaths Ever (*SPOILER CENTRAL*)


If you haven’t watched the most recent Game of Thrones, click elsewhere!

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Five Incredible Philip Seymour Hoffman Videos That You Probably Haven’t Seen Before


Deleted scenes, hilarious outtakes, and more rare footage from one of the greatest character actors of all time. RIP, good sir.

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4 Things I Was Sure Were Going to Kill Me As A Child


I lived a rather panic-free childhood as far as such things go. I didn’t have regular fears, I don’t think, I enjoyed intense horror movies from a young age, I liked being alone in the dark, things were OK. But that didn’t mean I didn’t suffer my …

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6 Unceremonious Ways to End a Sexual Encounter


So, you’ve decided to have sex. Please tell me what it’s like. But also, be wary! As it happens, not all sex can be as glamorous as what you’ve seen in Willem Dafoe movies. As it happens, sometimes sex doesn’t follow a script and then something …

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How to Tie a Tie


1. Find a tie.

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Hate Filing Taxes? Die In A Car Crash. Everyone Else Is Doing It.


Tax Day is a miserable experience if you’re one of them millions of Americas that file at the last minute. You’re scrambling out of your home with a shoebox filled with Burger King receipts that you’re hoping can be deducted as a work expense, barre…

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Space Hates You : 6 Cosmic Death Traps


On November 8th at 6:28 EST, an asteroid passed so close to Earth, if you were standing on your roof you could have licked it. And as awesome as that sounds, you also need to appreciate how close you were to becoming a spray of one atom thick, gro…

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25 Brutal Historical Methods of Execution

elephant crushing

The US remains one of the few countries in the world that still engages in capital punishment. Historically, however, it was widely used in a wide variety of ways that are sure to make you uncomfortable if you pause to think about it too long.

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The King is Dead, Long Live The King!: Burger King Retires The King


  All of us that enjoy commercials that have shred of originality and a dash of creepiness and a large dose of insanity are grieving today, as Burger King as announced that they are officially retiring their mascot The King. Yes, the bearded, …

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