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6 Depressing Home Made Sex Toys


Our good friends at Fleshlight are kind enough to send us disembodied vaginas on a semi-regular basis that we can either try or put googly eyes on, on a case by case basis. But the Fleshlight is also pretty much the pinnacle of the affordable, mode…

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25 Jury-Rigged Home Repairs

poor man's faucet

Do it yourself has become very popular in the last few years. Do it Retarded might be a better description, though.

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Spike Your Juice: The Holiday Review


If you’re like a Holy Taco editor, you desperately want the sweet, dulling relief of booze but have spent all your extra money on discount hookers and beer nuts. What’s a boy to do? Lucky for us, the good people at Spike Your Juice saved the day …

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