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15 of our Best Tweets to Donald Trump


This past weekend, Holy Taco’s twitter was recognized for its contribution to the belittling and hatred of Donald Trump, because it’s a hobby we can all get behind. Now if you don’t follow me on twitter (you should) you may have m…

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How to Be Wrong


As some of you know, I’m an avid Twat. Ha ha! I play with linguistics. But seriously, as part of my job, I’m on Twitter a lot and, unofficially, part of my job is to make fun of Donald Trump. I now present to you a series of tweets that resulted…

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5 (plus 1) More Big Announcements from Donald Trump


As you know, we’re close friends with Donald Trump which is why I so freely and openly call him a shithead and other such colorful phrases on twitter all the time. ALL THE TIME. Because we can kid like that.

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The 8 Biggest Douchebags of 2011 Who Will Haunt 2012


Well, another year is wrapping up and it’ll be ages before we get to our next douchebag tournament. But in that time, you might forget about the douches that were over this past illustrious year, and what a briny year it was. Worse yet, this year…

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25 Worse Jobs to Give Donald Trump than Moderating a GOP Debate


Donald Trump is the closest living thing to a cartoon that modern civilization has. From his preposterous hair to his ridiculous endorsement deals which include mattresses and steaks to every single tomfooleriffic word that dribbles out of his cro…

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Botox Mom is Full of it: 5 Craptacular Publicity Stunts

Botox Mom is Full of it: 5 Craptacular Publicity Stunts

Arguably any publicity stunt is undertaken by someone with little to marginal publicity seeking more publicity, which right away makes it something awful and annoying on par with a child screaming “look at me” while they do something unlookatable.…

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Wait, What Happened? – May 9th, 2011

what happened?

Alright everyone. You were probably so busy worrying about what to do for your mom for Mother’s day, that you didn’t pay attention to the world around you. Your water cooler anecdotes are going to sound really lame if you’re compl…

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How Donald Trump Takes On 6 Other Jobs

trump with a stri[[er

Donald Trump is staying in the news not because he is news, but because all journalists have a very subversive sense of humor. Right now, Donald Trump is like the Sam Kinison of politic, he just keeps screeching this outrageously hilarious stuff a…

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How to Run For President Against Donald Trump


So you’ve decided that society has decayed just to the point where you running for President isn’t quite as f*cktarded as you parents always told you it would be whenever they let you out of your cage to get hosed off. Good for you! The fact is n…

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