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The Pros and Cons of Walking Your Dog with a Drone


Jeff Myers bought a drone, attached a leash to it, and let it lead his pooch down a lonely, lonely path. It made us wonder — should you actually let a robot walk your dog? We weighed every single pro and con imaginable, in our version of a sci…

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Oh, Snap! Iran Is Sending Us a Toy Model of Our Own Downed Drone


Remember when one of our spy drones crash landed in Iran and Iran refused to give it back? Well, there’s been a new development in this silly tale. Iran has announced that they will be sending the crashed drone back to us, but it won’t be the same d…

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13 Ways America Can Brush Off The Fact That Iran Has One of Our Drones

Iran Drone

Iran as captured one of our prized technologically advanced UAV drones. This makes our already contentious relationship with Iran a bit…awkward. In situations like this it’s always fun to imagine how the United States, a country filled with over 30…

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Predator And Reaper Drone Fleet Infected With Virus, Countdown To Skynet Begins


We all knew this day would come. When we first heard of the U.S. Military using unmanned drones to carryout reconnaissance and bombing missions all of our thoughts immediately turned to Skynet, because machines scare the hell out of us and we are …

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China’s Predator Drone Knock-Off Explodes, Like All Chinese Knock-Offs


Attention Americans!: We no longer have to fear China possibly taking over America! For so long we have known that all Chinese people from China are well versed in the ninja arts and can run across the ocean, not needing battleships and submarines …

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