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The Time I Had to Hide From a Delivery Driver


We live in a world of under appreciated wonders. The very fact we’re all connected to each other right now across the internet s nothing short of amazing. And only slightly less amazing is the fact that, if I want a pizza, I can just cal someone a…

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25 Things I Should Have Done Instead of Drunkenly Playing WoW All Night


On Saturday night I did what all men of James Bondian excitement and mystery do, I got drunk alone and played World of Warcraft for about 10 straight hours. It was the grandest waste of time I’ve partaken of in years, pretty much since I became a r…

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4 Drunk Stories Everyone Has


Everyone of a certain age and value set enjoys a good drunkening. That should be a fairly acceptable statement. Incidentally, if you’re one of those 19 year olds who doesn’t drink, for the love of Pete don’t get all preachy about it, because it’s …

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Six Teenagers Got Drunk Off Of Hand Sanitizer? Then All Of Ten Are Doing The Same Thing!

Hand Sanitizer_Drinking

Remember the freak out over teens soaking tampons in vodka to get drunk? Or how about the freak out over teens supposedly doing rectal beer bongs? It seems there’s an endless array of activities a handful of teens can perform to get drunk that adult…

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25 People Passed Out in Public


It’s tragic that all these people got so sleepy before they could get home to bed.

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Randy Travis Defends Himself For Being Drunk In Public


Well, y’all caught me. I was drinking, in front of a church — I guess, technically, I wasn’t drinking, because my bottle was empty. I was just drunk. I apologize for acting irresponsibly in public like I did, but you have to remem…

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I Know You’re Only Nine, But I’m Too Drunk To Drive…


“Hey Kiddo, come here for a second. Daddy want’s to talk to you for a minute.” The little girl walks closer to her father, he squats down to meet her at eye level, but loses his balance and rolls onto his back. He makes a half-hea…

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A Public Apology From A Drunk Swedish Elk


Believe it or not, it’s fairly common for Elk to get drunk by eating fermented apples. So this story isn’t uncommon, but up until now, we’ve never heard the other side of it. This past Tuesday, in western Sweden, one of these drun…

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The Case of the A.C. Slater Smasher

Zack and Slater

“I just don’t like Slater” — That’s the reason a Chicago man gave for smashing a picture of Saved By The Bell’s famous singlet sporting ladies man. Long story short, the guy was drunk, in a bar and he ripped a fr…

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Is Booze Ruining Your Life? Then Try Something Harder!

Is Booze Ruining Your Life? Then Try Something Harder!

Big news: a bunch of british scientists got together and determined that alcohol is bad for you. Crazy conclusion to come to, I know. It’s like “Really, british scientists? Just because it burns going down and makes you take home leathe…

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An Alcoholic’s Guide To New Years

champagne party guy

New years eve is that one special time of year when we gather with our friends and family to usher in the dawning of a new period of our lives. It’s the time to make fresh starts, make new promises to ourselves, and celebrate the year that was by h…

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