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25 Ridiculous Online Dating Sites

7 or better

Online dating has been mostly mainstream for a few years now but that doesn’t mean all online dating is cool. You can go to like three sites and not be considered a freak. None of these are those three sites.

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Crazy Chicks 101: An Introductory Course In Unstable Women


There’s been a video floating around the web of a young woman purporting to be a first-time eHarmony user. In it, she confesses her intense, unhealthy love of cats in such a way that sends up so many dating red flags, that it’s almost t…

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The Top 10 Dating Sites of 2011: A Holy Taco Rundown

bad date

In this inaugural Holy Taco Rundown, we’re resting our intern’s brain after the stewing it took over the holidays and taking someone else’s list so we can make a mockery of it. In fact, that’s all we plan to ever down in the Rundown. Enjoy! Accor…

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