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Why Is It That When People See A Face In Something They Automatically Think It’s Jesus?

Jesus Face_Irish Cliff

At least once a month we hear about a story of a face appearing in a stain, or on a random object, or, as is the case with this story that I just found, on an Irish cliff side, and the person that found it claims it is the face of Christ, or the Vi…

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Human Face Appears In Canadian Man’s Testicle Ultrasound

testy Happy

  Having a pain in your testicle is one of the most terrifying experiences in a man’s life. A single soft, wispy graze on a testicle can cause a man to crumple to the ground like his belly button is a black hole and he’s being sucked in to him…

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“I’m Going To Eat Your Face”: A Letter To My Chocolate Easter Bunny


It’s seems as though it’s that special time of the year again, my darling. It’s that time of year that I unwrap you from your foil-y confines and consumes you. It’s a time of great joy for many, as they celebrate the resurrection of their lord and …

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Things that look like Muammar Gaddafi

muammar gaddafi

In case you hadn’t noticed, here’s a newsflash: Muammar Gaddafi’s face is all kinds of jacked up. Apparently, he underwent plastic surgery at some point, but we can only assume that during the procedure the surgeon sneezed and launched a series of …

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Yesterday at the Teabaggers Rally


Oprah Has Changed…


Stupid Insane Dog Looking Insanely Stupid


It’s Not Looking Good for Carrot Top


Kid Gets KO’d Then Pisses Himself (TotalProSports)   The 5 Places Anderson Could Land (BleacherReport)   Boba Fetts Career is Over (Manofest)   Spring Break Hotness (Coed)   We All Love Breasts (LemonDrop)   How Much M…

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25 Terrible Athletes

25 Terrible Athletes

Son. I am disappoint.      

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That Explains The Face, But What About The Lack of Talent?


18 Hot Chicks with Camel Toes [pics] (TotalProSports)   Winter Activities For Dudes (MadeMan)   Montoya and his Tacos (AllLeftTurns)   Captain Kirk knows how to Climb (ScreenJunkies)   Hot Cheerleaders of 2010 (Coed)   The M…

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And He Can’t Unsee That