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Facebook’s Eerie Parrot Subculture


This article will make no sense. I will not explain to you how I happened upon the information I’m about to share because it is not relevant. All you need to know is that it is true and verifiable and ridiculous. Facebook is full of parrots.

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Place Bets On Which Companies Facebook Will Buy Next


If you’re a compulsive gambler and are also very tuned in to what’s happening on the business side the tech industry, PaddyPower.com will either make you extremely rich or so poor you’ll have to — GASP! –use far cheaper non-Apple product…

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Would You Like To Hear My Idea For A Social Networking Site?

Social Networking

I had this great idea for a social media website the other day. Wanna hear it? It’ll be great, I promise. Okay, so, first, when you get to this social media website, you’ll have to login, because the login page is like the mote and hundred-foot ston…

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Improving Your Life Story With Facebook’s New Timeline

Improving Your Life Story With Facebook’s New Timeline

image via mashable.com Hey loser, wanna look better online? Sure, we all do. Thanks to Facebook’s new “Timeline” mode, you totally can! A lot of people are bitching and whining about it because it lacks “privacy” or som…

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Follow Holy Taco on Twitter and Facebook!


Were you aware we exist on Facebook and Twitter and that, on both, every day, we’re giving away dozens of free sandwiches? It’s true, we are! And by true we mean not true. We have no sandwiches. We do post funny photos and jokes you…

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Wuh-Whoa! Your Twitter and Facebook Posts Affect Your Chances At Getting a Job!


Reppler posted the resutls of a recent survey of 300 people in suits who are in charge of, or at least part of the hiring process where they work has shown that what you’re putting on your social media outlets could be keeping you from gettin…

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A List Of Potential Future Facebook Changes That Will Inevitably Annoy You


Great news everybody, Facebook has gone and changed things up again! They just keep rearranging the furniture to try and make their crumby studio apartment look like a classy mansion. Stop it, Facebook! You have a bajillion (estimated) and they rel…

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According To A New Study, Humans Prefer Writing Status Updates To Flushing Away Their Poop

Facebook vs Flushing Toilets

If a Jigsaw-like serial murderer kidnapped you and posed you with this very simple question, how would you respond? Which is more important to you, Facebook or using the toilet to do whatever it is you do with toilets? Seems like a simple question,…

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Facebook Is Judging You By Your Favorite Restaurants Now


According to a recent Mashable article, Facebook has revealed their most checked-into establishments. Starbucks, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Chili’s topped the list. So, there you have it; Facebook users love free wi-fi and so-so coffee, wings, a…

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High School Chicks Are Legally Allowed To Post Racy Pics On Facebook? Allllllriiiiiight!


Guest Editorial Written By Your Town’s Creepy Pervert Guy Man, used to be I had to hop in my Beast Machine (my ’93 Corolla) and cruse around high school parking lots at around three’o’clock if I wanted to get an eye-load of primo high school chick …

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The Minuses of Google+

google +

Google Plus is touted as the Facebook killer presumably someone has been waiting for. If you have such intense feelings invested in Facebook or social media at all you probably need to leave the computer and have a nice tea, but whatever. That as…

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