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Bling Bling!


People Passed Out On Public Transportation (Asylum)   Date Movies That Lead To Sex (AskMen)   Hey! Folks! Check This Out (Atom)   Top 5 Hotties Of The Week (BroBible)   Mariah Carey Backs That Ass Out (FilmDrunk)   Busty B…

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Wow You Have A Lot Of Pearl Necklaces


Here Is A Kobe We Don’t Hate (GorillaMask)   Two Girls, One Choice (AskMen)   America’s Next Top Beer (Asylum)   11 Terribly Awesome Movies (ScreenJunkies)   Brooklyn Decker Is Ridiculously Hot (BroBible)   Linds…

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Why Does The Caged Boob Sing?


Mya Jane Looks Insane (GorillaMask)   Foods That Make Girls Want To Bone You (AskMen)   Batman Porn! (ScreenJunkies)   Canadian Porn Is Probably The Same (BroBible)   Chicks Want To Cheat After Mother’s Day (Asylum)   …

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Just Your Average Holy Taco Reader


Nikki Sims Makes Alice In Wonderland Slutty (GorillaMask)   Miss USA Getting Too Sexy? (Asylum)   Playmate of the Year Gallery (BroBible)   "My Tattoo Means Vagina" (FilmDrunk)   100 Pics To Take Before You Die (AskMen)…

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Whooray Science!


Nikki Sims Reads in the Spank Bank (GorillaMask)   Booty Beanbags (Asylum)   Getting Back Into the Game (AskMen)   Finding The DTF Girl (BroBible)   Penis Pumps Are Crazy (I-Am-Bored)    

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She Is Shiny


Coco is in the Spank Bank (GorillaMask)   Intimate Gymnastics Sounds Awesome (Asylum)   Real Life Barbie (TheFrisky)   The Inbox of Your Dreams (BuzzFeed)   The Time My Mom Caght Me…(BroBible)   How To Date Hot Women (…

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A Date I Wouldn’t Mind Paying For


Celebrities Giving Blo-J’s (ScreenJunkies)   Bashful Brittany (GorillaMask)   The Key To Any Man’s Heart (AskMen)   The Countdown To Betty White Is Hours (The Frisky)   Woman VS Beer (I-Am-Bored)   How To Search …

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Hola. Mi Llamo Es “The Guy Who’s Gonna Bone You Later”. Como Estas?


Sammie Pennington is HOT (Gorillamask)   5 Books You Shouldn’t Have in Your Bachelor Pad (Asylum)   100 Pics to Take Before You Die (AskMen)   Kristen Bell is Ugly (FilmDrunk)   Kate Hudson’s Boobs (TheFrisky)   …

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Look What You Found


Sure I Can Show You What That Is For


Is That A Pearl Necklace Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?


A Denim Couch? Awesome!