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4 Things I Was Sure Were Going to Kill Me As A Child


I lived a rather panic-free childhood as far as such things go. I didn’t have regular fears, I don’t think, I enjoyed intense horror movies from a young age, I liked being alone in the dark, things were OK. But that didn’t mean I didn’t suffer my …

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25 Things a Straight Guy is Afraid are Gay


The recent election in the US and the legalization of gay marriage in yet more states has made great strides for equality as it relates to sexuality. Back in the day, gay was the worst insult you could sling at someone on the schoolyard.

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In The War of Fear of Exercise Vs. Fear of Getting Fat, Fear of Exercise Wins Every time

Soda Fat

Science people out there are always doing all sorts of science stuff to makes us know more about stuff. Clearly, judging by the previous sentence, none of their hard work has made an impression on me. But that’s the wonder of science: sometimes, al…

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