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Brainstorming Wacky Oreo Flavors is Harder Then You Think


One might think coming up with wacky Oreo ideas is easy. Turns out it’s actually as difficult as any other creative venture, especially when you pitch a terrible idea and Nabisco is forced to break out the Whipping Cane to teach you a lesson.

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Why Do These Coffees Exist?


I’m not a coffee fan. I’ll drink coffee if you’re offering drinks and for some reason literally have nothing else and I’m thirsty, but that’s it. I don’t hate it, I just couldn’t really care less about it. Some people, however, are still in that …

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1,001 Chip Flavors Made Simple


The world of potato chips (or crisps for you foreigners) is crazy and unpredictable. Many a website has put up an hilarious picture gallery of unusual flavors from around the world (including us, maybe I’ll link it here maybe I won’t. Try to click…

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5 Flavors No One Needs to See in Cereal Again


The cereal aisle at the grocery store is the closest thing to a Toys R Us you’ll see outside of an actual Toys R Us. It panders only to children with maybe one half of a rack reserved for cereal you, as an adult, don’t feel like an idiot purchasin…

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