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When Internet People Make Fake Vaginas


As you know, I have a history of reviewing Fleshlights in non sexy ways. I mean, obviously you can hump one, but what else is it good for? That’s always been my point of view. But what are other people out there doing? I know that there are a lo…

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The Fleshlight Box Incident: Aftermath

1Mystery Box

The following is the voicemail my grandmother left me last night, transcribed for your enjoyment.

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25 Things With Holes in Them that Still Make Poor Ideas for Fleshlight Designs

hole in a cow

The good people at Fleshlight have sold over 4 million units now (unit..ha!) and in honor of that we thought we might like to help them out. But they seem to already know what to do, so we’ll cover what not to do. Remember, even though they…

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