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This Girl Doesn’t Look a Thing Like Elsa From ‘Frozen’. Shut Up.


Anna Faith Carlson is taking the Internet by storm, thanks to a picture of her standing next to a cutout of Elsa, the Ice Queen from Frozen. According to the Internet, she looks exactly like Elsa, which is an amazing feat that she should be lauded a…

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Because It’s So Damn Cold Outside


It’s cold here. Too cold. Frigid as a nun with a hormone imbalance. I don’t like it.

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Chef Harry Has No Idea What Pussy Looks Like.


If Only…


This Spam Email Needs A Little Work


  Writing a spam email subject line is an experiment in psychology. The subject line has to be enticing enough for you to click on it, even though the email is from no one you know. So what sort of psychology was used to come up with, "Wh…

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