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The 15 Worst Hairstyles In Soccer


They call it “the beautiful game.” (LMAO.)

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People Who Are NOT Having Not Their Best Day


Don’t know about you, but I can totally relate to Mr. Basketboner.

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The 30 Greatest Texas Mugshot Photos of All Time


With celebrity appearances from Johnny Cash, Johnny Football, Anna Nicole Smith, and Matthew McConaughey, who was throwing a pretty good one-man party at the time.

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The 50 Craziest Florida Mugshot Photos of All Time


I have no idea what’s up with Florida, you guys. Literally every day, there’s at least one news story that illustrates what a pit of depravity and insanity that state is.

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Ellen’s Oscars Selfie: The 12 Greatest Photoshop Parodies


Ellen DeGeneres’s star-studded selfie during the 2014 Oscars broadcast literally broke the Internet, and inspired some truly hilarious (and terrifying) photoshops. Here are a dozen of our favorites.

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The 10 Funniest Ashley Wagner Angry Face Memes


Team USA wound up taking bronze in the competition, and now Wagner is the McKayla Maroney of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

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Excuse Me, Do You Know Where I Could Score Some Blow?


If TV Science Was More Like Real Science


You Dirty, Dirty Grandmas


I Can’t Wait For Handegg Season To Start


White Castle Weddings Always Make Me Cry