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If You’ve Seen It, Do Not Call


I’ll Be Good, I Swear.


He Hates These Cans!


Michelle Keegan Bikini Gallery (TheDailyFix)   Hot Beach Babes And Their Behinds (Coed)   10 Worst Reality Show Families (MV)   The Complete Cinco Catalogue (AdultSwim)   Chicks And Their Fallback Lovers (LemonDrop)   Two Cr…

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25 Things Made Out of Meat


PETA’s going to love this one.  

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Bird Shit. That’s It.


What? You Can Just Buy a Dial For it?! Well That’s Way Easier!




Sarah Harding Shakes Her Ass (TheDailyFix)   Sexy April Gutierrez (Coed)   Kristen Stewart Is A Hot Hot Girl (LemonDrop)   7 Acts Of Nature Science Can’t Explain (Cracked)   Thief Tries To Mug Nerd (EvilChili)   Questi…

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25 Awesome Homeless Guy Signs


 Now days, being homeless is more competitive than ever. Only the most clever and creative signs are going to get people to let go of their precious spare change. This makes for some pretty awesome homeless dude signage.  

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Do It With The Lights On For Once


Good News! You Can Finally Quit Your Job!


Megan Fox And Her Dirty Mouth (TheDailyFix)   Zip Line Testicle Destruction (EvilChili)   Squirrel Photo Bomb (

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25 Awesome Gerry-Rigs


Humans are ingenuitive, especially when something breaks and we can’t afford to fix it. When that happens, we turn into McGuyver, turning useless heaps of crap into working, useful devices.  

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Let’s Talk About Fonts, MegaFlicks…


Britney Flashes Some Boob (TheDailyFix)   The Smell My Finger Game (AdultSwim)   Zip Line Testicle Destruction (EvilChili)   Karli Madeline Is HOT (GorillaMask)   Sexy G4 Girls (Coed)   Oral History Of Marvel Comics (Maxim) …

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