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If You’ve Seen It, Do Not Call


The Fat Child Is Unimpressed


Don’t Even Think About Having A Smork.


Katy Perry’s Perfect Cleavage (TheDailyFix)   We Are A Humble Factory (AdultSwim)   Close Call With A Lion (EvilChili)   Laura Celest Is HOT (GorillaMask)   The Erin Andrews Gallery (Coed)   The One Night Stand Flowcha…

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Nerds! – A Gallery


Nerds created the internet and nerds keep it running. Without nerds, all of us here at the Taco would have no job. Here’s to you, nerds.  

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Taking The Dog For A Swim


FAKE! (He’s Not Drinking Duff)


Stacy Keiblers Hot Bikini Body (TheDailyFix)   The 20 Sexiest Rockstar Spawn (Coed)   The Best Of Mighty Boosh (AdultSwim)   Megan Wants A Millionaire (LemonDrop)   Exercise For Hot Chicks Hell Yeah (EvilChili)   Where Movie…

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They Look Delicious


Riding In A Golf Cart Is Hard


Hot Italian Model On The Beach (TheDailyFix)   Aida Iveliz Is HOT (GorillaMask)   The Booshes Fountain Of Youth (AdultSwim)   Sex Sells Cars (EvilChili)   Babes And Their Back Dimples (Coed)   7 High Tech Products That Are M…

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Drunken Shaming – A Gallery


We’ve all been there. You pass out with your shoes on, only to wake up the next morning with a penis drawn on your forehead in permanent marker. No big deal, just a part of growing up.  

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Pee In My Mouth


Not Pictured: The Wooden Ambulance


Tara Reid Likes To Party (TheDailyFix)   Drunk Girls Making Out (Coed)   Sea Lion Dies Of Sex Exhaustion (LemonDrop)   Harrison Ford Facial Generator (Cracked)   Sex Sells Cars (EvilChili)   This Guys Got Killer Abs (IAmBore…

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Lady Gaaah!….Gaaaaaah!