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25 Funny Restaurant Signs


Oh you kids and your chalk, you so crazy.

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Montreal is Crazy


Our First Attempt at Finding Interns


15 Hot Volleyball Chicks (TotalProSports)   Cub Scouts Offer Gaming Pin (IAmBored)   Give some Walmart Love (BuzzFeed)   The Coolest Places on Earth (TheChive)   Iron Man’s Hottest Dancers (Coed)   Weather Reporters: A…

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Extra Butter, Please!


25 Hilarious Storefronts


I saw the sign, it opened up my eyes. I saw the sign. Life is demanding, without understanding.  

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25 Funny College Gameday Signs


The BCS National Championship Game is tomorrow, bringing to LA fans from both Texas and Alabama. This influx drastically brought the literacy rate down and the fist fight average up, but burbon sales are at an all time high! Roll Tide!  

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25 Funny Lost and Found Signs


Like the case of Jessica Simpson’s dog, many of these remain unsolved. Can you help solve them?  

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