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17 Photos of Sexy Argentinian Soccer Fans


Life is good for the people of Argentina right now.

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25 Offputting Inflatables


In a perfect world, we would inflate basketballs, tiny boats and tinier pools. But the world isn’t perfect, is it? And these things exist.

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25 Cat Girls

cat girl

Remember Catwoman? Man alive, did that movie suck so bad. On an unrelated note, here are 25 girls dressed as cats.

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25 Things That Look Like Dildos


There’s plenty of vegetables and whatnot out there that look like penises, but who knew so many things also look like tools for manually working your naughty places?

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25 Pics of Lou Ferrigno Macking on the Ladies

lou ferrigno

They didn’t call Lou Ferrigno Incredible for nothing. Mostly it was because it was the name of his character, but a bit of it was because ladies love a giant, green dude.

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25 Girls on Ice

girls on ice

Generally speaking the cold is awful because it can kill you, which is why winter has been hunted for years. Another suck hole part of this abysmal temperature is that it forces most of us to bundle up in parkas and other wooly-type items. Lucky …

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25 Brokedown Hoopties

crappy car

Every year car makers try their best to entire people to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new model just because it comes with cup holders and an 8-track player. But some bold drivers say “No, I’d rather drive this piece of crap…

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25 Offputting Male Strippers

male stripper

In general male strippers are a different breed of dude – generally guys who wax a lot and work out. And sometimes they suffer head trauma, thyroid conditions and meth addictions and turn into these guys. And yet women pay to see them naked.…

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25 Completely Wrong Pics of Women Breastfeeding Animals

breastfeeding animal

The internet has about 20 million pictures of boobs. Of those 20 million, there are at least 25 awful ones that have animals latched on to them. We have no idea why this is happening.

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25 Pics of Keith Richards Looking Like Grim Death

keith richards

Keith Richards is reprising his role as Jack Sparrow’s dad in the next Pirates of the Caribbean film. Also, there is no such thing as a decent photograph of this man. There really isn’t. Enjoy a bevy of pics of him mere inches from g…

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25 People Peeing in Public


Sometimes nature calls at inopportune moments; that’s how fancy people who eat with cutlery and off of plates say that sometimes you need to piss in public. Of course, sometimes you don’t.

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25 Parkour Pics


Parkour is a French thing that involves getting from one place to another and traversing obstacles as quickly and efficiently as possible, even if that means Spidermanning your way across buildings and such. Do you need to do all those backflips a…

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