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The 10 Funniest Ashley Wagner Angry Face Memes


Team USA wound up taking bronze in the competition, and now Wagner is the McKayla Maroney of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

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25 Smutty Old Pieces of Erotic Art

erotic art

Back before the internet, like in the 80′s, there was no viable source of porn. So our 80′s ancestors created this kind of stuff to get off. It’s about as awesome as it seems.

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25 Awful Pics of Courtney Love Looking Wasted

courtney love

Is it news that Courtney Love is an epic train wreck? No, it’s more of a chronic issue that’s been happening since the 1990s. Still, is she photogenic or what?

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25 Disgusting Looking Drinks

disgusting drink

The world of beverages is a crazy one, with everything from Mello Yello and Thunderbird out there making people vomit left and right. Inexplicably, it seems like some folks are going out of there way to make drinks even more unappetizing. Go figu…

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25 Bizarre Plushies

plushie fetish

If you’re on the internet you should be aware that a “plushie” is another name for someone who enjoys banging stuffed animals. Weird, right? Here’s 25 of ‘em.

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25 Hot Boxing Girls

25 Hot Boxing Girls

Happy Boxing Day!

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25 Things You Probably Didn’t Find Under Your Tree


Merry Christmas. Look what you didn’t get.

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25 Hideous Christmas Trees

ugly tree

The Christmas tree is an integral part of the holiday season, without it we have no place to hang candy canes or stash Heinekens. But proper tree choice is essential, or you’ll end up with one of these things.

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25 Muppets in Unwholesome Situations


The Muppets are a staple of childhood entertainment and, like all childhood staples, are easily corruptible. Enjoy!

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25 Crazy Ice Storm Pics

ice storm

Did we try this gallery last week? We did, and it was so awesome it blew up the website for a day. Now it’s back, and we’re hoping everything stays put. That aside, ice be crazy, am I right?

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25 Ridiculous Bongs


Miley Cyrus decided to make bongs popular again for enjoying legal smoking herbs… anyway, here’s some bongs for you to enjoy some sage or rosemary or whatever.

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25 Completely Preposterous Pictures of Flavor Flav

flavor flav

Flavor Flav has not only contributed to music history by being a part of Public Enemy, he’s contributed to ridiculous history by being completely ridiculous. Look!

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