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5 Ways Game of Thrones Could Actually Surprise Us Going Forward


Game of Thrones has been doing the brutal death deal for four seasons now. How long can it possibly go on before people get the point and move on to something else? If HBO wants this show to actually make it to the end of the novels (whenever the fu…

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25 Acceptable Reasons to not Watch Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones returned last night and it was awesome because it could be nothing but. Some people apparently don’t watch Thrones, however and that’s OK, we all have our reasons for insane, unjustifiable behavior. Here are the only acceptable rea…

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A Game of Hodor: Chapter III


This exact conversation happened earlier today; “ We’re running low on rations.” “Hodor.”

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How to Make Your Own Game of Thrones


So, you want to produce an epic fantasy series of books/HBO smut plays, good for you. The fantasy genre has never been hotter than it is right now thanks to Game and predecessors like Lord of the Ring, Harry Potter and whatever that silliness that …

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