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25 Things You Can Say To Your Dog but Not Your Date


Just to clarify, we’re not saying you can’t say these things, just maybe never on a first date until you’ve established some kind of proper rapport that supports such things. Also, last minute edit, I’m told I lifted this idea from Whose Line is it…

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Pass Me That Lotion?


25 Hot NFL Cheerleaders


Football season is here and that means hot chicks in bikinis have been replaced with hot NFL cheerleaders. If your team wasn’t represented in this collection, it can only mean that your team has homely cheerleaders.  

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Now, We’re Going To Have To Frisk You.


Stayin’ Loose


Jail Bait


Rotate Your Body Just A Hair…


That Bra Looks A Little Tight, Let Me Just Un-hook That For You


Under Boob!


Nice Socks!


The Evolution of Sluts

The Evolution of Sluts

Everyone knows that all girls are not sluts.  In fact, sometimes the best girls are not explicitely slutty in any way.  But even if you happen to be dating one of these not-slutty-but-still-awesome girls, chances are you still like watchin…

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What Her Pet Really Says About Her

What Her Pet Really Says About Her

You can learn a lot about a girl by what kind of pet she has.  Whether it’s a dog, a parrot, or a goldfish, her pet sends a particular message, but what she thinks it says and what it actually says can be vastly different.  Here̵…

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