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25 Things You Can Say To Your Dog but Not Your Date


Just to clarify, we’re not saying you can’t say these things, just maybe never on a first date until you’ve established some kind of proper rapport that supports such things. Also, last minute edit, I’m told I lifted this idea from Whose Line is it…

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The Sexy Group – A Gallery


Hot chicks are like wild dogs: they travel in packs and sometimes they vomit after they eat.  There’s one thing that we can all agree on, though: there’s nothing better than the sexy group of party girls.      

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Hot Chicks with Beer Cans – A Gallery

Hot Chicks with Beer Cans – A Gallery

 The only thing we like better than hot chicks are hot chicks who are pounding cheap beer, straight from the can.  Here’s a whole gallery of those types of chicks.        

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Katie Price In A Skanky Dress (TheDailyFix)   Samantha Whitfield (GorillaMask)   Party Pool Girls (Coed)   5 Bizarre Sexual Conditions (Cracked)   MJ In A Tree Stump (IAmBored)   Victoria Silvestedt Bikini Pics (DrunkenStepf…

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Fishnets, Cleavage, AND Upskirt? Today is a Good Day.


Be Careful This Weekend


Christine Marie Is HOT (GorillaMask)   Body Paint Babes (Coed)   Terminator [without the bs] (Cracked)   The Most Disgusting Nails Ever (IAmBored)   Bar Rafaeli Hits Up GQ (DrunkenStepfather)   Car Jumping Can Be Really Fun …

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Do Not Trust Goats Attempting To Be Human By Dancing To Polka


Hot Chick + Blunt Weapon = Good Time


I’m Glad This Exists


LOLFat Already Haz Teh Cheezburgers


Helena Coelho


  Where You’ve Seen Her: Helena Coelho enjoys hip hop music, dancing, and overall just being hot.  She’s a model from Portugal and has worked with Victorias Secret and several other high end clothing lines.  Her work for …

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Roxanne McKee


  Where You’ve Seen Her: Roxanne McKee is best known for her role on the British Series Hollyoaks.  Still relatively new to the entertainment business, she has certainly made a name for herself in the modeling world.  Aside fro…

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