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Dakota Johnson and 21 More Sexy Celebrity Daughters


Celebs are usually good-looking, and they get to make whoopee with good-looking people and produce other hot people. It’s science, really.

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13 Revealing Bikinis That Would Get You Kicked Out of a Public Pool


The best bikinis are the ones that are barely bikinis at all — but instead strategically-placed pieces of cloth designed to keep ladies from straight-up violating public decency laws.

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27 Photos of Hattie Watson, Tattooed Hipster Goddess


Is it weird to say that Hattie looks like a young and super-hot version of Sissy Spacek? That’s weird, isn’t it. Sorry.

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17 SFW Photos of Brett Rossi, Charlie Sheen’s Ex-Porn Star Fiancé


It will be the fourth marriage for Sheen, who has caught lots of attention for dating porn stars and publicly trashing his exes. So good luck, Brett, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

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26 Photos of Nina Agdal, 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover-Girl


Nina has modeled for Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood, used to date Adam Levine, and last year she did one of those sexy burger ads for Carl’s Jr.

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5 Things Your Girlfriend Says and What They Really Mean


Sometimes it’s hard to tell what a woman means when she says something. So we made some translations.

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Creepy Study Shows 23-Year-Old Girls Wear The Shortest Skirts

Short Skirt

Debenhams, a department store chain in the U.K., conducted a study on the length of women’s skirts that we can only hope wasn’t conducted by balding/greying male science types in their mid-50s, possibly researched while slowly creeping by high schoo…

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Classic Taco – ‘How To: Pretend You’re Listening To Your Girlfriend’

Classic Taco – ‘How To: Pretend You’re Listening To Your Girlfriend’

  It’s eight o’clock tonight, and you’ve got a computer, a television set, a cell phone, and a paused game of Skate 2, all grappling for your attention.  The last thing you feel like paying attention to is your girlfrie…

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Holy Taco Breaks Up with Girls

farewell card

Listen, we need to talk. The last few years have been awesome, they really have. We had good times. Remember when we thought up the name “Taco Belle?” That was clever. Cuz like, it’s Belle as in beauty or whatever, but it’s also like the restaur…

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25 Hot Easter Bunnies


It’s Easter and we dug deep into our vault of terrible original ideas to come up with a gallery of girls dressed like bunnies. Keep this one under your hat lest other sites learn of it and try it, too.

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MTV’s Teen Moms Love Making Permanent Mistakes, Like Having Babies and Getting Bad Tattoos


The young ladies on MTV’s “Teen Mom” series are clearly not fit for serious decision making. Let’s just disregard the choices they make when considering who’s genetics they think they should pass on. And let’s ig…

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