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The GOP Candidates Debate the Unveiling of a New Holy Taco

Holy Taco debate

A New Holy Taco! A massive debate! Fire! Robots! Aliens! Pie! YAY!!!

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Spin Doctoring Santorum: 11 New Definitions for Santorum Rick Santorum Should Latch On To


Rick Santorum is still a GOP candidate despite how he’s been running a pretty sad campaign from the start. Go on, Google him again, you know you want to. While his Mr. Burns-like demeanor and overall hatred of anyone unlike him seem obvious, he c…

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25 Worse Jobs to Give Donald Trump than Moderating a GOP Debate


Donald Trump is the closest living thing to a cartoon that modern civilization has. From his preposterous hair to his ridiculous endorsement deals which include mattresses and steaks to every single tomfooleriffic word that dribbles out of his cro…

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The Inner Monologue of Herman Cain Waiting His Turn at a GOP Debate

Herman Cain

What is this, number 10? Is this the tenth debate? I need to check with my assistant. I think this is ten. Why am I not president yet? Didn’t I win 9 times already? I need to debate Barack Obama to win, that’s what I need. Think that’s how I become…

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Herman Cain for President! (A Holy Taco Endorsement)

herman cain for president

We get some crap on Holy Taco for being too liberal. People say we hate FOX and Republicans and it’s not true at all. We don’t hate Republicans. We do hate FOX, they’re idiotic, condescending, crooked, unethical and pretty much straight up liars…

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How to Get Michele Bachmann to Follow You on Twitter

bachman follow

Today is a momentous day! Michele Bachmann, GOP Presidential candidate, follows Holy Taco on Twitter. Arguably on purpose. If you want to partake in this glory, we have devised a simple guide to get Ms. Bachmann to follow you as well. Behold!

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Michele Bachmann May Want to Serially Murder You

Crazy eyed Michele Bachmann

Michelle Bachmann is not just diabolically stupid, she’s diabolical. Just the regular kind. Plus stupid, but you can read about that anywhere. Remember when she said there were no studies that showed CO2 was a dangerous gas? Ha ha…yeah. But no…

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Let’s Play The GOP/NBA Dating Game!


Today the world got word of yet another bit of gossipy news involving what a politician may or may not have done with their junk at some point in their lives. That politician is…(spins wheel)…Sarah Palin! According to a snippet of leaked informatio…

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Flowchart to Determine Which GOP Candidate to Support


The race to pick a GOP candidate continues to heat up and by heat up we mean there’s lots of crazy bastards saying and doing crazy shit. With all that lunacy going on, how are you to know who to pick? We’re here to help!

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