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Holy Taco Salutes the Potato Gun

Holy Taco Salutes the Potato Gun

  Today we salute the greatest invention of all time (other than porn): The Potato Gun. Let’s all celebrate by shooting vegetables at things.   Erin Andrews is Sexy (TotalProSports) 20 Faces in Rocks (SuperTremendous) 72 Hot Mexican…

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This Kid Must Be High (TotalProSports)   The Best Way To Get Rich…(MadeMan)   The Nascar License Test (AllLeftTurns)   The Best Revenge Films Around (ScreenJunkies)   Jumbo, The Animatronic Dog! (SuperTremendous)   Gir…

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Those are Very Nice…Gun…


You Better Have a Good New Years!


15 Sexy Christmas Cheerleaders (TotalProSports)   9 Horribly Wrong Sex Myths (MadeMan)   Wendy Venturini Hotness (AllLeftTurns)   Life Lessons From The Goodfellas (ScreenJunkies)   GirlSpeak Can Be Dangerous (LemonDrop) &nb…

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Inner Monologue of the Cop Who Pulled You Over

Inner Monologue of the Cop Who Pulled You Over

Alright, let’s see: this guy’s driving a 2004 Honda Civic that’s completely beat to shit.  There’s no way this idiot can afford a traffic ticket.  Well, I might as well utilize my position of authority to ruin his e…

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Even Santa Has To Find Extra Work These Days


Bruins Fan Exposes Herself in the Stands (TotalProSports)   Seriously, This Site Is Just About Goats! (UltimateGoatFanSite)   The Hottest Mistresses Of All Time (MadeMan)   Kristin Bumbera Is Hot (AllLeftTurns)   Whip It Not Good…

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Squash Hunter


Drunken Argument Friday: What’s Worse, Getting Shot or Getting Stabbed?


  If there’s one thing we like to do more than drink, it’s argue about really important stuff, if getting shot is worse than getting stabbed.  Here’s what it sounds like when we do both at the same time: Drunken Argumen…

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This Kid Is Cooler Than You Will Ever Be


I Remember When We Used to Have Crazy Bath Time, Too


Once You Pop, You Better Not Stop