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Great Failures From The Past: Not Larry the Not Cable Guy


Larry the Cable Guy used to be an ultra-cheesy early ’90s standup comic named Dan Whitney. And if you thought Larry was annoying, he’s actually an improvement over Dan, who might have been the unfunniest person ever. Puppies abandoned un…

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5 Cliches That Stand Up Comedians Need to Retire


You know what’s funny? Comedy. Stand up comedy, in particular, is an art form that some people have taken to amazing heights. Some people have shit all over it and inexplicably become rich in the process, but a number of people out there are just…

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Winston Churchill’s Speech Regarding The Internet As a Domain of War

Winston Churchill

Last week, the Pentagon unveiled a cybersecurity plan that puts the internet right up there alongside the land, sea, and air, as a domain of war. This plan will expand the Department of Defense’s ability to combat any malicious computer hacks from …

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