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The Best Article on Holy Taco: Tribute


I had a full on article posted here last night and apparently the internet ate it. I can find no trace of what I wrote and, naturally, my computer blue screened me so I have no saved copy on my hard drive.

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12 Vintage Costumes That Need to Make a Comeback


In 2013, every costume is of labia with some kind of vaguely identifiable theme. Nurse labia, bee labia, Spongebob labia. I don’t even know if they make men’s costumes anymore. But it doesn’t matter because 2013 is a wash.

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8 Simple Two-Step Last Minute Costumes


In a bind for Halloween? Need a costume but have no time or materials to make your own? Here are some unique and simple costumes that will make you a stand out and only require two simple ingredients to put together! Man, Holy Taco, you so helpfu…

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Will.i.am and Fergie Explain the History of Halloween


The following contains actual (not actually) lyrics to a Black Eyed Peas song. You have been warned.

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The Ten Worst Things To Get While Trick-Or-Treating


In what seemed like the longest Halloween weekend ever, we’re sure you found the time to make it out to wander the neighborhood (by yourself or with your kids) and ask for unhealthy handouts. In the fury and rush that is trick-or-treating, yo…

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What a Kid’s Halloween Costume Says About Their Parents

creepy kids

Last night was Halloween and that meant, unless you were responsible with your real estate wheelings and dealings and got a home in an apartment or in the deep woods protected by ravenous hounds, children you didn’t know showed up at your door and …

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Happy Halloween From Holy Taco!

Happy Halloween From Holy Taco!

Overdubbed Screams – Watch MoreFunny Videos In honor of our favorite Pagan holiday, we’ve decided to put together a short video of scream scenes from “B” horror movies. You’re welcome.

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25 Lazy Last Minute Costumes

last minute costume

It’s getting down tot he wire if you plan on hitting any parties for Halloween. Don’t worry if you can’t find any costumes, you can lazy up a crappy one in no time! Use these from inspiration!

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4 Preposterous Halloween Alternatives

no halloween

It’s that time of year again, when we pay for candy we give to strange children who are disguised so we don’t even know who egged our house. Awesome tradition! Yes, everyone loves Halloween, except for all those foolish, misguided people who don’…

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How To Make A Last Minute Halloween Costume

Ghost Costume

We’re a scant two days away from Halloween and you, like most of us, are probably scrambling for a costume. For people like us, Halloween is one of those holidays that you’re constantly reminded of leading up to it, but when it happens …

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25 Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos

jack skellington

What better treat to get on Halloween than a tattoo commemorating a film solidly wedged between Halloween and Christmas? Probably lots of things, but whatever. Here’s 25 tattoos. Check out some more work from Nick Baxter, BMEzine, and Body…

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