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I had a full on article posted here last night and apparently the internet ate it. I can find no trace of what I wrote and, naturally, my computer blue screened me so I have no saved copy on my hard drive.

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25 of the Worst Treats to Give Out on Halloween

sweethearts candy

You have less than a week to build your stockpile of Halloween crud, 25% of which you will give out to neighborhood kids, the rest of which you’ll eat yourself. Just please, choose wisely. No one wants this crap.

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25 Costumes of Real People

kim jong il costume

Dressing up as a vampire or Sasquatch for Halloween is one thing, but there’s actually a new layer of creepy when you dress up as another person who already exists in the world and you’re just mimicking them thanks to their own Sasquatc…

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25 of the Most Awesome Costumes Ever

awesome star wars costume

Halloween is fast approaching and that means, if you plan on hitting some parties, you should be getting your costume together. Odds are there isn’t time to make most of these, but that’s just because these costumes shame normal costum…

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25 Intentionally Offensive Halloween Costumes


We have some more costumes for you today, this time it’s the desperate plea for attention costumes (no, not the sexy ones) – offensive costumes! Yes, nothing says fun and frolic quite like making others uncomfortable.

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25 Crappy Halloween Costumes

turd costume

Picking a Halloween costume isn’t easy – you want something that will be unique and interesting and hopefully not the same costume a million other people picked. And then, of course, you want to avoid crappy costumes. Incidentally, di…

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25 Halloween Movies that Aren’t Halloween

night of the pumpkin

Every October your TV will get saturated with horror movies as TV stations lazily roll out a Halloween themed night or two. But just because it’s a horror movie doesn’t mean it’s a Halloween movie. There’s plenty of Hallow…

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6 Zombies We Want to See in the New Season of Walking Dead


Last year we ran an article covering the types of zombies we’d seen on AMC’s the Walking Dead so far. They were the typical lot of beasties that shuffle about and try to eat your face and they were cool for their time. But this is season two. The…

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25 Obscene Jack O Lanterns (possibly NSFW)

naked withc jack o lantern

We actually had to consult upper management to decide how to post this gallery since, even though they’re all pumpkins, some of these are insanely graphic. Good for you, pumpkin carvers of the world.

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5 Not Inappropriate Children’s Costumes

madonna cone boobs

Every year around this time, websites start rolling out their hilarious Halloween costume articles and galleries. Everyone does it – the Huffington Post, Smosh, Cracked, Holy Taco, you name it. Some of those sites aren’t even run by hacks, so you…

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It’s October! It’s Halloween! It’s a Scare Contest on Break.com!

scare contest

Halloween fast approaches and lord knows if you’re on the internet, you better be in the mood for Halloween themed chicanery all month long. Otherwise, go back to books, grandpa. If you want to make a fast $1000, read on!

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25 Unsexy Sexy Costumes

cow girl

Every year when Halloween rolls around, a large percentage of women who otherwise seem to be able to function normally, sit down and think “this year for Halloween, I’m going to be a sexy ________ .” Invariably, they end up being…

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