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Harold Camping Predicted The Rapture Would Start Today. If You’re Reading This, He Was Wrong


Remember Harold Camping? He’s the old coot that told us the world would end on May 21 of this year, and then when it didn’t, he probably cried in a closet somewhere, then wiped his tears, made some manly “mean” faces in the mirror and somehow found…

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It’s the End of the World (Again) Bucket List

end of the world

Remember Harold Camping? Check your Rolodex under “numbnuts.” Don’t have a Rolodex? That’s OK, not everyone gets the job perks that we do. Oh, what’s that? Am I getting paged on my company-funded pager? And is this an ice cold Tab cola that I…

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Wait, What Happened? – Post Rapture Edition


Great news! We all survived the rapture! I know you were probably too worried about dying to keep up with current events, so I’ve compiled this list of things you should know about. Here is this week’s "Wait, What Happened?"&#…

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25 Awesome Non-Rapture Pics

jesus is sorry

The Apocalypse juuuuuuuuuust missed us. Luckily there’s plenty of stuff out there to help those of us who were never planning on going anywhere deal with these things.

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Prophet of Doom: Holy Taco Interviews Harold Camping


For years, California evangelist Harold Camping has been predicting the end of days. His first prediction was for 1994 and obviously proved incorrect. He chalked it up to a miscalculation, which he then corrected to May 21, 2011. Now that the Rapt…

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Things You Can and Can’t Do The Day Before The Rapture


With the rapture coming tomorrow (allegedly), this could be your last day on earth. If you knew, for an absolute fact that the world was going to end, you’d have every right to act like a drunken viking, but we’ve got no guarantees here…

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