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Five Wannabe Super Heroes Who Got Arrested


We’d all love to be able to live our lives as caped crusaders. Fighting crime, getting scores of offers from women, but often rejecting them to continue fighting crime. It’s a fantasy life that’s best left for daydreams and rolepl…

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25 Real Life Super Heroes

phoenix jones hero

The world is damn near lousy these days with “real superheroes,” people who dress up and sorta fight crime. Mostly what they do is help out in their neighborhoods, sometimes prevent crimes, sometimes get beat up but generally they̵…

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25 Kick Ass Sidekicks

green hornet's sidekick

Any protagonist (or villain) wort his salt has a sidekick. Often times the sidekick is more awesome than the side he’s kicking. Or whatever. Anyway, here’s some sidekicks. Word.

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The 5 Most Ineffectual Cartoon Heroes


Kids love heroes. Not real ones, real people are for suckers. Kids love cartoons. Cartoon heroes like Bo Jackson and Perry the Platypus are awesome and teach kids that you can be anything, as long as you’re not really real. But not every hero is a …

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