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Celebrate Thanksgiving with Thanksgiving GIFs


Because it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without GIFs.

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25 Laborious Tasks To Engage In This Labor Day


Labor Day is a day to celebrate labor and days. It’s a grand event and we’re all better off for it. Still, some people may not know how to enjoy Labor Day properly or, worse, they’re from a backward nation that doesn’t even have Labor Day. Whatev…

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Holy Taco’s Holiday Hootenanny


Christmas is almost here unless you’re a heathen in which case nothing is almost here. Nothing. Just another day of you frowning. Why so sad, heathen? That’s what happy people will say. Then, before you can answer, they’ll skip away and forget …

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It’s Moldy Cheese Day


If you look hard enough you can find out that pretty much every day is something day. National Underpants Day, Kiss a Hobo Day, Rub One Out on Luke Perry’s Coat Day and today, October 9th, is Moldy Cheese Day. Did you celebrate yet?!?

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4 Other Things That Happened on July 4th


Independence Day – the day when Will Smith and Jeff Golblum wrote the Constitution and saved us from the British. But is that all there is to it? Just fireworks, barbecues and Isaiah Washington chopping down cherry trees? No, July 4th has much mo…

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What Your Vacation Destination Says About You


Summer is the time when you force the family into the station wagon to go on vacation whether anyone likes it or not. But your destination says a lot about who you are and where you’re going in life. So let’s see what your vacation destination say…

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Hey, Dunkin’ Donuts: Stop Being Lazy With Your Holiday Themed Donuts!


Hey, Dunkin’ Donuts, yeah, I’m talking to you… So, I went to one of your stores for the first time in a while and, well, here’s what I have to say… Stop being a bunch of lazy donut slinging pricks and stop selling festive donuts that are nothing mor…

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Hanukkah According to a Non Jew


Every year at Christmas, Hanukkah seems to show up as well, making the Christians of the world assume Jews are lonely at the holidays, but also desirous of being slightly different. Now a few of us may have taken to the time either speak directly …

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Happy Labor Day!

labor tree

We decorated the Labor Tree! Please leave presents in the comments section.

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Hastily Completing Your Summer Bucket List This Labor Day Weekend


Sorry, kids, but Labor Day is this weekend and that means that summer will officially be over. Were you one of the lucky few who was able to cross everything off of your summer bucket list? If you were, then you’re not this guy. The beginning…

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Holiday Gift Items Your Neighborhood Burglar Will Love


We often spend most of our Christmas shopping time worry about what gifts our friends and family will enjoy. But rather do we ever think about the likes and dislikes of the people that break in to your house a couple nights before Christmas, or eve…

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