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May Is Masturbation Month – How Are You Celebrating?


May is International Masturbation Month, which is like having a National Air Month, National Water Month, or National Stare-at-a-Fat-Ass Month — it provides recognition to an activity that everyone does any damn way.

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Viva Mexico! 19 Reasons to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo [In GIFS]


To honor Mexico on the day we believe to be their Independence Day or something, we bring you a gallery of all the reasons you will need to blackout on tequila tonight.

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5 Movie Scenes that Best Represent the Holiday Season


Christmas is over for another year but lest we forget what we love about the holidays, let’s enjoy these stellar movie scenes that really cut to the heart of what we all love about the holidays. Be you Christian, Jew, Muslim or wrong, we can all agr…

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The Holy Taco 2012 Gift Guide


It’s December and that means you need to buy shit. Have you bought shit yet? You better buy shit. Unless you’re not Christian in which case as you were. But know that Jesus is super disappointed in you.

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Ten Emasculating Things You Can Do To Honor International Women’s Day


Today is International Women’s Day. Did you even notice? Probably not, because you’re an insensitive jerk. (Please note before proceeding, this article is for dudes. Sorry to exclude you ladies on your day, but we’re just providin…

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2011 in Christmas Sex on the Internet


This time of year, the headlines are dominated by seasonal fluff. If you want to make your fluff standout, you need to put in the extra effort required to make it titillating and nothing elates tits more than a bit of the old Christmas nasty. Wit…

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25 Essential Albums for an Awesome Holiday Party

waffle house christmas

Are you having a Christmas party this year? Are you inviting Jewish friends? Maybe some people you feel could also potentially celebrate Kwanzaa but you’re afraid to ask? No worries! Grab these albums (they’re probably sold everywhe…

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Gift Guide: Holy Taco’s Picks for the Best Presents of 2011

gift guide

Every year, every website under the sun presents to you its gift guide for the best and coolest loot you can share with loved ones this holiday season (which we think mean Christmas and Hanukkah). Other sites probably do this much better than us, …

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You + Santa + Machine Guns = And All-American Christmas


So you’ve been planning to take the kids to the mall to get their annual photo with Santa Claus. Sounds like a good idea. If you’re an anti-American pansy! You gonna get another picture of your lame kid in an ugly sweater, forcing a smi…

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25 Reasons to Stay Home this Black Friday

black friday

We’re posting this gallery early so you can rethink going out today – some of these people actually lept outside the store. Do you want to deal with that? Shop online, kids, you don’t even need to wear pants.

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An Article Dedicated To Donuts


It’s Fat Tuesday here in the states, and probably other places. It’s an excuse to eat like crap, because if you’re a practicing Catholic, you’re supposed to be giving up something for Lent. But to hell with details, let̵…

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