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Holy Taco Bad Book Club: The Mole With Poop on His Head


“The Story of the Little Mole Who Went in Search of Whodunit” is a story about shit. A mole gets pooped on and searches for the culprit, all while learning important lessons on how every animal that poops right in front of him does so di…

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Holy Taco Bad Book Club: Pro Wrestling Poetry


“Parts Unknown: Wrestling, Gimmicks, and Other Works” is a book of avant garde pro wrestling poetry by Michael Holmes. It’s as bad as it sounds, and the endless string of obscure references and insider terms paint the “poet&#…

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Holy Taco Bad Book Club: The Tushy Book


The Tushy Book is a (so, so awkward) celebration of derrieres, quite often naked ones. The authors designed their book to be an innocent and non-pervy romp, but thanks to their many illustrations of children in their underwear (or less), oh dear God…

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