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The 4 Best Possible Plotlines for the Movie Squirrels


In case you hadn’t heard, Timur Bekmambetov, the mad Russian behind Wanted and Night Watch, is producing a new film called Squirrels. It’s a horror movie. It’s about squirrels.

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The 9 Best Horror Movies of the Past 5 Years


How do you pick 9 movies and call them the best of the last 5 years when probably hundreds came out including hundreds you didn’t even see? Easy! It involves heavy use of the word “arbitrary” and a lot of not giving a shit. Sometimes you just hav…

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5 Things I Never Want To See a Ghost Do Again


I’ve mentioned my distaste for ghosts in horror movies before bit I feel like the message really needs to be clarified. I just found out Paranormal Activity 5 comes out this year and, frankly, I’m absolutely disgusted. God, those are bad movies. …

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25 Worse Casting Choices Than Chloe Grace Moretz as Carrie


Here’s an odd one for you – usually people complain about casting choices because an actor sucks. This is the opposite.

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The 5 Best Places to Set a Horror Movie


A horror movie fan is more passionate than any other kind of movie fan and I’ll tell you why – we wallow in disappointment. No other film genre so routinely suffers from disappointing films as horror.

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Did You Know: The Tall Man is the Worst Horror Movie Ever


Jessica Biel and I are probably destined to be a couple and have a very passionate relationship and that’s why it pains me to write this article, but something needs to be done. I recently watched her movie The Tall Man and I am still unsettled.

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Reviewing Movies We Haven’t Seen: August 24th


Last week was a shameful event at the movies (or not, depending on your tastes) but this week is going straight up subtle with offerings that are all pretty much flying under the radar. To the movies!

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The Inner Monologue of Cher’s Vagina


Whooooooo…. Issssssss…… Thissssssssss?

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How to Make a Modern Horror Movie


So you’ve decided to try your hand at cinema’s most derided yet beloved genre of death-dealing terror, good for you! Yes, horror is timeless and primal and appeals to all of us on some level because fear is such a basic emotion. Good thing most ho…

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Horror Movie or Porno?


The concept is simple friends – 10 movie titles of real movies. Are they horror films or pornos? Sure, you can cheat and use Google, but it’s not like you’re going to win anything. Just guess.

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How to Write a Paranormal Activity Sequel

Paranormal Activity DVD

Word has it that Paramount has agreed to a 4th Paranormal Activity movie, possibly because everyone at the studio has been drinking Nighty Night tea all day long and can’t be bothered to come up with something else. How will they surprise us this …

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