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Too Damn Hot: A Poem


Because it’s too damn hot. I wrote tis poem.

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25 Smokin’ Hot She-Devils


If this is what Hell is like, we’re totally there.  

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8 Stores That Should Be In Every Mall

8 Stores That Should Be In Every Mall

For many people today, their local shopping mall takes the place of the town squares of ancient societies.  Malls are a place to shop, mingle, and run into people that you don’t really want to talk to, and then try not to make eye contact…

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Thank You, Nature/Eating Disorder/Eyebrow Maintenance!


Hot Tennis Chicks With Camel Toes (TotalProSports)   Internet Owned Restaraunts Are The New Thing (MadeMan)   Kate Edwards Is Preggers (AllLeftTurns)   From Kids Book To R-Ratings (ScreenJunkies)   Hot Girls And Vamps (LemonDrop)…

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Turn Away From The Light Carol Ann…So I Can See Them Bewbies!


Ain’t None Hotter


Yeah, It’s Big. Now Put It In Your Mouth Already, Hot Chick.


The Ring is on Her RIGHT Hand…Right?


Girlfriend Pranks

Girlfriend Pranks

  I’ll be impressed when he tricks her into giving him a blumpkin without her knowing it.  

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Get Some Pictures for Your Walls. Geeze.


Who Farted?


The Bad News: She’s a Terrible Painter