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Turns Out Everyone Loved the How I Met Your Mother Finale Except You


Scrolling down the typical Twitter feed, and clicking on the typical pop culture snarksite, you would think How I Met Your Mother had the worst, most ill-received finale since Seinfeld. You would be … wrong. Scientific analysis concludes that …

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25 Ideas For The Next Fad To Replace Twerking


The internet is full of flash in the pan fads that no one remembers a month later such as Gangnam Style, the Harlem Shake, caring about Kony, planking, and twerking. How much longer will we endure twerking? Thanks to Miley Cyrus and some popular v…

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Probably the 10 Best Cat Photos on the Internet


The internet is about 30% cat photos. Porn is only another 30%, 10% is legit websites and the remainder is people bitching about anything and everything. Of the cat part, there’s a hell of a lot of pictures that are pretty unremarkable. Seems lik…

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4 Things You Consider When Trying to Fix Your Internet


Yesterday I was required to exchange my old modem for a new one as my internet went all widdershins on me and straight up loco. It was a debacle of majestic proportions that saw me go through several modems, several choice swears and a good chunk o…

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25 Things the Internet is Better Than


It’s 2013 and according to recent studies, everyone spends all the time on the internet. Everyone. All the time. Internet. But there’s also this curious notion people have been developing that they need to spend time away from the internet, doing…

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What the Hell is Etsy?


I’m going to be honest, I work on the internet, I’m on a computer for like 15 hours a day but there’s some shit I still know nothing about in any meaningful way. I have never actually been to SomethingAwful.com. I didn’t know what Gangnam Style or…

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Troll Hunter: Arizona Wants Ban Internet Trolling


Internet trolls suck. Trolls can make the internet really fun. Both of those opinions have some truth to them, like most things in life. So, what does Arizona want to do? Screw’em all and start making it illegal to troll on the internet in any way…

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8 Words You Can’t Say On The Internet In China


China sounds like a hellhole. Pollution, dictatorship, mass suicides in factories – it’s like a paradise for those that enjoying being oppressed. This hellholiness even bleeds in to China’s internet culture, specifically on Weibo, China’s vers…

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The Funniest Article Ever Posted In The History of Holy Taco


…would be censored, almost certainly removed, and would possibly cause Holy Taco to be deleted from the internet in a SOPA world because it contained a link to another page on the internet, that contained a funny video from Break or Youtube that its…

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The Morning Jolt: Up Yours SOPA


Italian Study Claims Watching Porn May Be Killing Your Sex Drive. From This We Can Infer That Silvio Berlusconi Does Not Watch Porn.

Internet Porn

Porn is a vital yet mundane aspect of the average male’s everyday life. For most of the guys I’ve ever met, watching porn is as common as brushing your teeth in the morning or remembering to wear pants when you leave your home. And it’s also as com…

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