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25 of the Biggest Jerkoffs in Movies

5 - kobra kai

Every movie with slightly weak writing needs a really impressive asshole to make up the ante. Complex characters with realistic motivations and understanding are too had to write, it’s much easier to just use a one-dimensional uber-ass of a …

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How Come No One Likes You?


Ever notice how some people don’t like you? Neither do we. But surely you have friends who lament their lack of universal appeal. The fact is, not everyone is delightful to be around and many of those undelightful characters don’t even know why. So…

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Holy Taco’s War on Westboro Baptist Church


Last week Westboro Baptist Church released a letter claiming Anonymous had targeted them for an attack, because Westboro Baptist Church (henceforth to be referred to as Douche Wads) need to have attention constantly. 4chan has better things to do …

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