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What Ever Happened to Holy Taco’s Ex-Employees?


As some of you have noticed, this entire site is run by me, Ian Fortey, and it has been for a while now. But it wasn’t always so. Holy Taco has previously been run by a team of highly skilled comedy luminaries and doctors with PhDs in hilarity (on…

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Help Jim Tews for the Love of God!


Hey everyone, remember Jim Tews? He used to write for Holy Taco until our secretary took out a restraining order against him and he wasn’t allowed within 1000 yards of the building. 1000? That’s a lot, Jim! Your ether-soaked rag will…

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These Are Literally The Five Greatest Things I Did All Year


It’s time for us Holy Taco writers to take a look what we’ve been doing with ourselves all year. We write pretty much every single day. It’s not good every day, but we’re in a volume business, so get over yourself. I poured …

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Church Camp Sound Lame? How About Atheist Camp!


No matter how into Jesus you are at age thirteen, you’re probably way more into things like the opposite sex and having a great summer. So going to sleep away camp sounds like a dream come true. But if it’s Church camp, Jesus is going t…

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Why’d You Bail Out On Our Flashmob?!


Hey “Friends” So let me start by saying, you all really put me in an awkward spot yesterday. I don’t want to get accusatory, because I haven’t heard from any of you since then, and I’m sure you have a valid excuse, but…

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Your Toe Shoes Are Making Me Uncomfortable

toe shoes

I appreciate the fact that you’re trying to be fashion-forward, and you’re being open minded about the type of footwear you choose, but those toe shoe things you’ve been wearing are weirding me the hell out. Yes, I realize, the ty…

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Holy Taco’s Video of the Day

Holy Taco’s Video of the Day

Holy Taco contributing editor Jim Tews tricks people into giving him beer in exchange for his stand up comedy routine, then proceeds to talk about that time he tried to screw us on a futon

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Crazy Chicks 101: An Introductory Course In Unstable Women


There’s been a video floating around the web of a young woman purporting to be a first-time eHarmony user. In it, she confesses her intense, unhealthy love of cats in such a way that sends up so many dating red flags, that it’s almost t…

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Male Birth Control Methods And Why Men Can’t Be Counted On To Make Them Work


So the Holy Grail unicorn Sasquatch that is men’s birth control has been spotted again. It’s not a pill or a device that can fall off or get lost, it’s actually an injection that kills the sperm while it’s en route from the …

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Holy Taco’s Take On The U.S. Government’s New Dietary Guide


For those of you who weren’t aware, the government has done away with the beloved food pyramid, and replaced it with a more simple visual guide for balancing your diet. It’s all for the sake of lowering obesity rates and making room for…

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Wait, What Happened? – May 30th, 2011


Happy Memorial Day, Americans. Happy Monday to the rest of you. While many of you have the day off, our international staff of comedy writers was working hard to make sure you got what you came for — barely researched news stories with some …

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