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Kids Aren’t Hilariously Inappropriate. Crappy Photoshoppers Are.


Kids being accidentally inappropriate is a curiously viral thing. These little tykes are so gosh-darn innocent, and so ludicrously bad at spelling, whenever they try to write something cute, it comes out evil, sexual, or sexually evil. Problem: ever…

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The Amazing World of Judith Vigna


Children’s books generally fall into one of three categories; they’re either goofy and pointless, simplistic versions of adult stories or they’re education disguised as entertainment. Nearly any kids book you can think of can be categorized in thos…

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The Inner Monologue of a Public School Bus Driver


Drive. Just drive.

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What Back to School Means to You


If you are not a silly child, or in possession of such things, then back to school hype is meaningless to you. You don’t need a lunch box or a pencil case or…what else do kids have? Sugar beets? I dunno.

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The 7 Sandwiches of Shame


Remember when you were a child? Neither does your absentee father! Ha ha! Wait, no, that was uncalled for. My dad left, too. He joined the circus to “make for hump” with the bearded lady and never came back. We both have trauma. Let’s start ov…

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Classic Taco – 7 Signs You’re an Adult


If you’re a Jew or a Mexican girl, there’s a specific day where you officially become an adult. For everyone else, becoming a grown-up is a gradual process, and most of the time you don’t realize that you’ve become an adult u…

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10 Books You May Have Missed in Your Childhood


Books are great things and it’s a shame to see what’s happened to literacy in an internet world where people will actively argue on behalf of poor grammar and spelling because it “doesn’t matter.” Don’t get angr…

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What a Kid’s Halloween Costume Says About Their Parents

creepy kids

Last night was Halloween and that meant, unless you were responsible with your real estate wheelings and dealings and got a home in an apartment or in the deep woods protected by ravenous hounds, children you didn’t know showed up at your door and …

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Kids These Days


Look, we all know that smoking and drinking is bad for you. But what if you start really early and build up a tolerance? Would that help at all? Not sure if it’d help your health, but if you’re way too young to be smoking and/or drinkin…

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25 Guns in Inappropriate Places

kid and bride

The 2nd Amendment is great and all but sometimes you really don’t need a gun. Sometimes.

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5 Shattered Childhood Dreams


Kids aren’t super geniuses, unless they’re those creepy super genius kids that you shouldn’t trust because they’re eerie and weird. But for the most part, when you were a kid, you probably did a lot of dumb stuff. I once pooped in a bathtub. Not…

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