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Chronicles of a Dying Laptop


Once upon a time, people built machines in the hopes they would last forever. Cars built in the 50’s are made of solid cast iron and titanium and, to this day, if you drive one off a cliff, it will somehow achieve a speed above terminal velocity a…

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According To Science, WiFi Kills Sperm. To Put It Another Way, WiFi Is A Contraceptive


If you and your lady have been trying to have a baby but your sperm just isn’t finding its way to the egg, then you should probably stop having sex while amid the invisible fog of your home’s WiFi connection and you should probably stop ejaculating…

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Just Your Average Holy Taco Reader


Nikki Sims Makes Alice In Wonderland Slutty (GorillaMask)   Miss USA Getting Too Sexy? (Asylum)   Playmate of the Year Gallery (BroBible)   "My Tattoo Means Vagina" (FilmDrunk)   100 Pics To Take Before You Die (AskMen)…

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