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Celebrity To Do Lists


What the heck do celebrities do all day anyway?

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21 Worse Things Ever

Even Worse: Cannibalism

4 months ago, Buzzfeed posted a list of the 21 worst things ever. I agree that many things on that list are a pain but I may have stumbled on 21 even worse things. So, with credit to Buzzfeed for the article which I am now completely copying and t…

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40 Things You Can Juice: A PSA


It’s the summer and that means the Earth is 145 feet from the sun, unless you’re Australian, in which case you have worse things than the sun to worry about – things like spiders that have thumbs and will shoot you so that you’re crippled and can’t …

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Classic Taco – 7 Signs You’re an Adult


If you’re a Jew or a Mexican girl, there’s a specific day where you officially become an adult. For everyone else, becoming a grown-up is a gradual process, and most of the time you don’t realize that you’ve become an adult u…

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These Are Literally The Five Greatest Things I Did All Year


It’s time for us Holy Taco writers to take a look what we’ve been doing with ourselves all year. We write pretty much every single day. It’s not good every day, but we’re in a volume business, so get over yourself. I poured …

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Five Crimes That Have Taken Place At Taco Bell


It’s common knowledge that about half the people who eat at Taco Bell are totally drunk. Eating Taco Bell sober is almost unbearable. That’s what I hear anyway. I can’t honestly say that I’ve ever done it. Since everyoneR…

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5 Types of Weirdos You’ll Meet at Burning Man

burning man

Burning Man is a solid week of intense confusion in the Nevada desert. It is at once awesome and bizarre and not for people who do not feel comfortable seeing other humans dressed in leather breathing fire at someone else dressed in chainmail. No…

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How To Quit Smoking In 30 Easy Steps

Quit Smoking

  1) Start fresh. Start with a clean slate. The night before you officially quit, smoke the final cigarette in your pack, and then go to bed. By the time you wake up in the morning, you will have officially started your first cigarette-fr…

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New Zealand Is Trying To Cripple The internet’s Ability To Write Lazy Articles About Weird Baby Names


Go head. Type the words “weird baby names” in to Google and see what happens. If your search results are anything like mine, 0.16 seconds after you hit enter you will receive “about 6,230,000” links, all centered around the weird names parents have…

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10 Things You Shouldn’t Use Kickstarter For


If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s basically a way for wide-eyed, optimistic artists, philanthropists and goofy hipsters to ask their friends and friends of those friends for small donations that will fund some sort of projec…

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The 15 Gayest Cities in America: A Holy Taco Rundown

gay city

Recently, the Advocate released it’s remarkably scientific list of the gayest cities in America. How scientific? One of the criteria for gayness involved the number of Tegan and Sara concerts within the city limits in the last year. Lord knows t…

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