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14 WTF Moments From The 2014 World Cup

brazil fans

This year’s World Cup had its fair share of utter insanity — from embarrassing dives to biting incidents — which we gazed upon in awe as soccer took over our lives for the better part of the summer.

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Sexy Female Drummers Playing Metal Covers: A Video Tribute


There’s something strangely attractive about a woman dominating the drums. Maybe it’s the unbridled passion — the sheer, ecstatic fury of their performances. Maybe I just like girls with calluses on their hands.

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The Six Hottest Teachers Who Got Arrested for Having Sex With Their Students


Aw yeah. The crazy ones always give the best homework.

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5 Gross Food Items That Are Only Gross Because Our Brains Said So


Eggs? Omelette time. Roast duck? Fire up that grill! But eat a bird in that delicious in-between fetus stage, and suddenly you’re a war criminal.

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Seven of the Most Embarrassing Politicians in Modern History (Besides Rob Ford)

Rob Ford

Ford is far from the only politician busted doing cosmically stupid shit presumably under a shroud of power that makes them think they can’t be touched. They always get caught sooner or later, and we always wonder what the hell they were thinking.

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Six Insane Examples of Racism Caught on Tape (Besides Donald Sterling)


“I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro.” Oh man…here it comes.

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10 Ways to Get Kicked Out of Planet Fitness


Planet Fitness is the world’s most discriminatory fitness chain, and ironically, the members they discriminate against tend to be the ones who are actually attempting to get in shape.

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Five Pro Wrestlers With Skills Far More Impressive Than Wrestling


Serious question: If you were *really* the ruler of hell, why would you waste your time rolling around with sweaty dudes in a ring?

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The Worst Fail Moments and F*ck-Ups From TV News Broadcasts — A Video Tribute


News anchors are much funnier to watch fuck-up than your average nobody, because they do it with so much seriousness.

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10 Classic Songs With Bizarre, Illogical Titles — And What They Should Be Called Instead

File image of rock legends The Who

Like many misinformed rock fans, I used to think that “Baba O’Riley” by The Who was called “Teenage Wasteland.” It’s an honest mistake, considering that the phrase teenage wasteland appears five times in the song,…

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1989 Internet Headlines, If They Happened Today


It’s hard to imagine now, but people in 1989 had no idea what a “cat GIF” was, and could only access pornography through magazines and videocassettes.

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