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Five Pro Wrestlers With Skills Far More Impressive Than Wrestling


Serious question: If you were *really* the ruler of hell, why would you waste your time rolling around with sweaty dudes in a ring?

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The Worst Fail Moments and F*ck-Ups From TV News Broadcasts — A Video Tribute


News anchors are much funnier to watch fuck-up than your average nobody, because they do it with so much seriousness.

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10 Classic Songs With Bizarre, Illogical Titles — And What They Should Be Called Instead

File image of rock legends The Who

Like many misinformed rock fans, I used to think that “Baba O’Riley” by The Who was called “Teenage Wasteland.” It’s an honest mistake, considering that the phrase teenage wasteland appears five times in the song,…

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1989 Internet Headlines, If They Happened Today


It’s hard to imagine now, but people in 1989 had no idea what a “cat GIF” was, and could only access pornography through magazines and videocassettes.

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15 Things You Should Do Now That True Detective Is Over


1. Stare at this GIF for ten minutes, while pondering the mysteries of the universe.

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23 Serious Questions Raised by the Existence of BroApp


When technology allows us more convenience and efficiency at the expense of genuine humanity, is that progress?

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The Eight Best ‘South Park’ Video Game Episodes of All Time


To honor the South Park gang’s latest achievement with The Stick of Truth, I’ve taken it upon myself to catalog and rank the show’s video game-centric episodes so you f*cking noobs will still have something to complain about on this joyous day.

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25 Honest Thoughts a Guy Had on Tinder


23. Take the sun glasses and ski mask off. TELL ME WHO YOU ARE.

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The Taco Bell Waffle Taco And Five More Fast Food Innovations That Nobody Asked For


Stuff it down your rotten throats, you disgusting waste of space. It’s cheap, it’s fast, and what else are you going to eat in the morning, oatmeal? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oatmeal! Right!

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7 Reasons Why the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Are a Total Disaster


At this point, Sochi’s primary export is bad publicity. Here’s everything that’s gone wrong so far.

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12 Classes That Should Be Taught in Elementary School


Grade-school “education” is pointless filler designed to create good capitalist drones while allowing teachers enough down-time to play Candy Crush. Here’s what our children should be learning.

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