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14 WTF Moments From The 2014 World Cup

brazil fans

This year’s World Cup had its fair share of utter insanity — from embarrassing dives to biting incidents — which we gazed upon in awe as soccer took over our lives for the better part of the summer.

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15 Things You Should Do Now That True Detective Is Over


1. Stare at this GIF for ten minutes, while pondering the mysteries of the universe.

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23 Serious Questions Raised by the Existence of BroApp


When technology allows us more convenience and efficiency at the expense of genuine humanity, is that progress?

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The Eight Best ‘South Park’ Video Game Episodes of All Time


To honor the South Park gang’s latest achievement with The Stick of Truth, I’ve taken it upon myself to catalog and rank the show’s video game-centric episodes so you f*cking noobs will still have something to complain about on this joyous day.

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25 Honest Thoughts a Guy Had on Tinder


23. Take the sun glasses and ski mask off. TELL ME WHO YOU ARE.

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The Taco Bell Waffle Taco And Five More Fast Food Innovations That Nobody Asked For


Stuff it down your rotten throats, you disgusting waste of space. It’s cheap, it’s fast, and what else are you going to eat in the morning, oatmeal? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oatmeal! Right!

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7 Reasons Why the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Are a Total Disaster


At this point, Sochi’s primary export is bad publicity. Here’s everything that’s gone wrong so far.

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12 Classes That Should Be Taught in Elementary School


Grade-school “education” is pointless filler designed to create good capitalist drones while allowing teachers enough down-time to play Candy Crush. Here’s what our children should be learning.

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The Importance Of Remembering Ernest


Did you watch the “Ernest” movies starring the late Jim Varney? We did, which is why we haven’t made much of ourselves. Regardless of our accomplishments, these videos have been cracking us up all day. We hope they’ll do the…

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Ten Awesome Things About The First Day Of Spring


It’s the first day of Spring everyone! You know what that means? Not a whole lot, unless you’re into stuffy noses and watery eyes inflicted by the yellow devil, AKA pollen. That’s one of the downsides to the first day of Spring. T…

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Five Reasons Why You’re Wrong


We all get into arguments we have difficulty winning. You may have even found yourself entering an argument you know, for a fact, you can’t really win. You may even discover that the point you’re arguing is completely invalid, but that&…

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7 Videos Of People Getting Slapped In Slow-Motion


image via brendanhughes.com It’s Tuesday here at Holy Taco. Not just any Tuesday, but the first Tuesday of the new year. Nobody has the motivation to do anything because we’re too busy white-knuckling our way through Christmas withdrawa…

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