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14 WTF Moments From The 2014 World Cup

brazil fans

This year’s World Cup had its fair share of utter insanity — from embarrassing dives to biting incidents — which we gazed upon in awe as soccer took over our lives for the better part of the summer.

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Five Best “Dating On Demand” Videos


Finding a partner with the assistance of technology takes on many forms nowadays, it’s not just Match.com or OkCupid. Now, if you have Comcast cable, you can watch videos of potential mates with “Dating on Demand”, the latest poop…

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Five Actors Who Regrettably Dabbled In Music


Sometimes (often times) actors become so famous that they accidentally buy into their own hype. That means they take the obliging compliments they receive after a solid karaoke number, and spin them into something beyond their actual abilities. Man…

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Five Fun Things To Do At Your Temp Job


If you’re a starving artist and/or an aimless drifter (like everyone on the Holy Taco staff) then you’ve probably picked up a temp job or two. They’re usually incredibly boring office jobs that involve some sort of tedious task th…

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Holy Taco’s Favorite Hollywood Nerds


Join us in a Friday homage to some of our favorite on-screen nerds!

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Five Classic Car Commercials For Five Classically Crappy Cars


It’s Tuesday, wich, in our opinion is the perfect day to post this list of five old commercials for some of America’s most poorly stereotyped automobiles.

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A Random Tribute To Ren & Stimpy


Nickelodeon’s groundbreaking show Ren & Stimpy, created by canadian animator, John K., may or may not have been a part of your youth. If it wasn’t, I feel bad for you, and you need to watch these clips and get caught up. If it was,…

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Sports That Never Took Off, For Obvious Reasons


Popular Science recently dug into its archives and posted a few pages from old issues that covered emerging fad sports. Sports they thought might actually become part of the mainstream. It doesn’t take a popular scientist, or even a person wi…

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Holy Taco Heroes


It’s that time again, where we like to honor those people in the world going to great lengths to do awesome things with no worthwhile outcome! This time around we’ve got a fine mix of creepers and sociopaths who will no longer go unnoti…

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7 Videos of People Beatboxing While Doing Other Things

Beatboxing flute player

Who doesn’t love a talented beatboxer? The internet is drowning in videos of cats, nutshots and people beatboxing. Here’s a few of our favorite clips of people beatboxing while doing other things.

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7 Weird Korean Commercials


I don’t know anything about Korean culture, but I feel we could all learn a lot from their commercials. Which are, quite honestly, some of the strangest and most absurd I’ve ever seen.

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10 Examples of Office Humor and Why They’re Not Actually Funny


Anyone who’s spent any significant amount of time working in an office environment knows that a sense of humor is crucial to survival. However, what passes for funny inside those grey walls is not often funny at all. Oh it seems hilarious at …

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