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The 7 Sandwiches of Shame


Remember when you were a child? Neither does your absentee father! Ha ha! Wait, no, that was uncalled for. My dad left, too. He joined the circus to “make for hump” with the bearded lady and never came back. We both have trauma. Let’s start ov…

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25 Inedibly Nasty Lunch Meat Products

macaroni and cheese loaf

A proper deli will make you a sandwich that is 11 inches high made from smoked turkey breast. Satan’s deli will use Pimento loaf. Pimentos? Shut up. Here’s 25 awful meaty things for sandwiches.

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The Daily Diet Of A Woman Attempting To Become The Fattest Woman Of All Time


Susan Eman of Casa Grande, Arizona (a town name that will be very appropriate and kinda funny a few words from now) weighs 720 pounds, and she wants to reach 1,600 pounds so that she may become the new fattest woman of all time. (See?). Susan gave …

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