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Great Failures from the Past: Mario is Missing


Bowser kidnaps Mario, and Luigi must save him. But not by murdering everything in his path while sliding down flagpoles and gathering power-ups that Bowser really should’ve removed beforehand: no, he did so by walking around various real-world…

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Five Video Game Weapons More Terrifying Than the Navy’s New Electromagnetic Rail Gun


The Navy’s new electromagnetic railgun may be a terrifying piece of ingenuity, but it’s got nothing on the weapons of mass destruction dreamed up by video game enthusiasts each and every day.

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Ranking 17 Super Mario Characters by Awesomeness


According to my research there are 713 different Mario games in existence probably. Like I’d really check. There are a lot of them, though, and they’ve been pretty much the foundation of everything Nintendo has done forever. Without Mario they ha…

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25 Super Pieces of Mario Fan Art

mario and yoshi

Fan Art is the last, great way that individuals can take a copyrighted material and make it into their own twistedly awesome fantasy. Well, that and slash fiction. But anyway, let’s enjoy some of the best of Mario that Nintendo didn’t …

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